The Best Residential Chamber Music Experience of all?

Some say so!

Sharon & I bought a run-down Bordeaux wine estate in 1999 with the express intention of creating the ideal chamber music venue for music-lovers and musicians alike.

Everything has been done to make the experience truly exceptional, and that means great musicians and performances, eliminating all sources of stress, and offering a house party full of conviviality, comfort (sofas in the concert room, good food and great wines.


And we constantly evolve.


Our 2016 Festival featured world-class ensembles (Gould Piano Trio, Frith Piano Quartet, and our Quartet in Residence, the Wihans) and introduced morning concerts by some of the outstanding musicians at, or recently graduated from, Cambridge University and the London Music Colleges.

Our relationships with the vast majority of our musicians are close and long-standing – they are our friends and guests.

But time marches on and we have decided to make 2017 the final year, and to make it a suitable, exceptional, finale.


Add to that afternoon visits to some of the great Bordeaux Châteaux and local sights, and some late-night jazz and folk concerts, plus easy access to nearby Bergerac and Bordeaux Airports, and a limit of numbers to 40, and life does not get better.

The highlight of 2016 day-tours was a visit to Château Calon Sègur, where we had an incredible private vertical tasting of the 1916, 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996 and 2006  vintages.

This is music-lovers’ heaven!

Our Festival Experience

Enjoy Orpheus & Bacchus

Our Wine Experiences

Our Concerts

David BarkerRobin YoungEmily HJohn M
If there is a better venue for chamber music, I do not know it.
David Barker
International festival-follower & regular guest
For intimacy and immediacy this is the best musical holiday-making anywhere.
Robin Young
The Times
Thank you for a wonderful festival experience.
Emily H
A truly wonderful festival. In all the years we have been married I have never seen Frances enjoy music so much.
John M


We specialise in white wines from Burgundy and red wines from Bordeaux.



The  Châteaux of St.Emilion, Pomerol and Sauternes are close by, as are those of the philosopher Montaigne and Monbazillac. Master of Wine Count John Salvi and his wife Petronella are advisors.


You can rent one of our small fleet of classic sports cars during your stay, icing on the classical cake.

Enjoy Your Stay

Because Bacchus is important, even if you know little about wine you will come away with an insider’s knowledge and experience thanks to Contessa Petronella Salvi, our wine expert.

You will have the opportunity to visit some great châteaux-and sample a 100-year-old great wine.

This year we are adding cooking, yoga and meditation classes, all designed to give you an experience for your taste that you will never forget. Not to forget we also have a 9-hole golf pitching course, tennis, boules, croquet on site.

Our aim is that you will leave invigorated, informed, exhilarated.


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